On our second and final morning in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, I had my heart set on seeing the famed Batu Caves. . .

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We were brought out into the suburban countryside of Kuala Lumpur and, it’s fair to say, we were both a little taken aback by the sheer indulgence of our senses on arrival as we stepped out of the taxi. Our first encounter was a beautiful, little derelict, hindu temple adorned in pretty pastel and mint shades, in intricate designs and patterns. Taking into account it’s enchanting and sacred charm, it served more as a taxi rank with opportunistic taxi men eyeing out potential custom.

I was enchanted by the nearby little trail of Indian markets leading up to the monumental statue at the foot of the Batu Caves. Multi-coloured hanging flowers in undeniable neons dripped from the market fronts in the dead heat. Entranced, I clearly was. I spent an easy half hour trawling the treasure dens..

I found some little gems in the first stalls, and haggled my price. An enchanting little Ganesha statue was the apple of my eye – hand painted neon on plaster, in sorbet pinks and oranges with just a dabble of glitter as finishing… I had it placed on my bedroom dresser as soon as I laid eyes on it. I purchased another, similarly neon, Ganesha {but in a pretty little snow globe, that shimmered elegantly when shaked}. Amongst other purchases at the caves were tinkling anklets, pearl bindis and gold bracelets as gifts.

– ♡ –

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The caves themselves, another experience entirely.

We ascended the painted red and yellow steps in the searing equatorial heat with dozens of other pilgrims, tourists and wanderers alike. Little macaque monkeys scuttled around our feet and overhead, not deterred one bit by the larger and more numerous humans. As we approached the first cave, we were greeted by more {expensive} market stalls selling magnets, ornaments and other gimick-y paraphernalia. The caves were more expansive than I had imagined, tumbling walls of limestone, formed over 400 million years ago towered above us. As we climbed the final set of steps, to the main cave {known as the Cathedral Cave}, I was struck by the pretty skylight over-head. At the highest point of the limestone walls, tropical greens lined an opening to the blue sky. Celestial was the mood best described. This clear and pure light poured through the skylight and illuminated the central Hindu temple, where prayer, music and fire emanated.



Malaysia, day one of two

Scenic drive from KLIA to our beautiful hotel {Sunway Putra, Chow Kitt}

Authentic Thai breakfast with Chinese tea

Two-hour power nap by the glistening pool on 11th floor

Trawl around markets by Masjid Jamek

Visit KL city gallery

Try Durian Fruit

Central Market

Little India

Purchase of floral chopsticks 

Shopping in Mid Valley

Seeing KL,’The City of Lights’ by night from our taxi back to the hotel

A perfect night’s sleep  ♥




High tea, family and laughter – the recipe for the most beautiful Sunday afternoon.

We decorated the table in Nanny’s delicate white and purple doilies and Nana’s floral vinatage tea cups. The pretty little cake stands were lined with homemade cheese scones, shrewsberry biscuits, hundreds ‘n’ thousands adorned fairy cup cakes. We drunk English and Green tea in our dainty tea cups until the early hours of the evening.





This snap was taken approximately a couple of hundred kilometres south east of Phuket, Thailand. About an hour before this I had noticed a beautiful little island in between the clouds. White shores and a little aquamarine strip circling it. So pristine. It reminded me of Never-never Land. That beautiful view of the mystical island that Peter, Wendy, Michael and John would embark on that hailed, ‘second star to the left and straight on ’til morning…’

We couldn’t see much of the Thai coast, which we were threading along, through the density of the grey clouds below. But on our descent upon Malaysia a celestial feeling fell over me. We slowly poured through the sky castles and into a new land….


Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning…


Let’s just shimmer in the rain and eat cake…

Soft hues, prettiness, confectionary and sparkle. And a little gluttony. This is by far my favourite photo shoot I’ve seen in a long time!

I came across the first photograph (below) on Pinterest. I printed it out and stuck it on my bedroom wall. But it wasn’t until reading Spanish fashion magazine, L’Ink, that I saw the name Marie Zucker and found the complete series. 
It’s a compelling story of models, red velvet cake and a beautifully weathered house in the midst of a rainy day. They live effortlessly amongst foamy tea cakes, peeling wallpaper and soda with candy straws. Japanese parasols and perfectly curled hair shelter them from midsummer rains.
I think since I’ve seen these photographs together I’ve let them influence my general style. I popped at a chance to purchase a cerise pink silky maxi dress last week in River Island and have proudly worn it to a few tea parties since! (: Of course I don’t own any silver and embellished Prada sandals that I could wear with white socks. But oh, a girl can dream… 
Model, Hannah (if we have the same name can I pretend it’s me?) wears a pearl – pink gown, puffed at the shoulders just like a princess. The reference makes me think that she’s Gretel in the gingerbread house. Where’s Hansel? Maybe he succumbed to the deathly strawberry macaroons…






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“Sirens of the deep inspire an aquascape of shades, as waves of tarnished olive, seafoam and darkened plum surrender to water’s enticing spirit. Sultry eyes take on a subtle radiance, while luminous Extra Dimension Blush washes over cheeks, creating a goddess glow. Under the sea, nails glisten in aquatic chrome and metallic Nail Lacquer, as Lipstick, Lipglass and Lip Pencil dive deep into colour. Limited-edition teal packaging, dramatically accented with sheer water droplets.”

If such a beautiful piece of mermaid-beauty description doesn’t inspire me to spend more money, I don’t know what will.

Love MAC.



Heroine Appreciation

My last {maybe} splurge before holidays and yes, I think it was worth it. For months I had been lusting over MAC’s ‘Up the Amp’ shade but ‘Heroine’ presented itself to me as brighter {and darker at the same time if it’s possible?}, like a neon boysenberry. I had to possess it, and subsequently did. I did hide it for a little while to pretend that I didn’t spend twenty euro on a lipstick. {I’m cheap, you’ll learn this.}

I’m also debuting my lighter balayaged hair. Coconut hair masks are my saviour 










Interior Dreams




Oh hey! Just a little interiors related life update. As of yesterday, my bedroom renovation is now, thankfully, complete. I know I’ve mentioned before, but interiors are such a passion of mine. Sometimes it’s a little scary completely dismissing the fashion section when I walk into a bookshop, darting towards home decor {considering what i’m studying}. But beautifully detailed rooms, nooks and crannies have such a treasured quality to them. And after all, fashion and interiors share so much in common.

From month to month, as in any facet, my tastes change slightly. Presently, my interior dreams are glazed over with a sort of vintage decadence. Opulent jewels and deep plush velvet fabrics decorate, reminding me of Anna Karenina’s luxurious theatre sets, Romanic gypsies and mermaid vanity tables. Crystal collections glimmering under floral and tasseled lampshades, luxuriant silk swatches pouring from upholstered drawers and candles, plenty of dripping berry-stained candle sticks.

Of course, I possess my own little collection of interior inspiration books. Last summer I purchased Pearl Lowe’s ‘Vintage Craft’ and, by far, it has been one of my most poured over interior books. Each page features such gorgeous ideas for beautifying any space. A combination of decadent luxury and upholstered flea market finds typifies Pearl’s unique and coveted style. Glamour and preciousness permeate.

Returning to my own little nest, the process of renovation wasn’t as simple as I’d anticipated. Changing my wall colour from a bright aqua blue to a more subtle mocha took three intensive coats {my arm exercise for the next two months..} and finding a furniture balance in a small and angled room also harboured it’s share of challenges. I introduced a vintage chestnut dressing table to house all of my little treasures {jewellery, crystals, angel ornaments, lipsticks and candles..} and am in the process of dip dyeing a pair of gathered lace curtains à la Pearl Lowe. Even though it’s in it’s final stages of completion I’ve only included some small details as snippets. Watch this space….


Angel Adoree


Last week Angel Adoree’s Vintage Tea Party entered my life. Once more I found myself in the books and notebooks section of TK Maxx intending on spending that little bit more on what I can’t afford. I just seem to convince myself that I need these books for, you know, educational purposes and the likes. This book was the exception, there was no convincing, it was a necessity.
You see, from Tuesday last I’ve acquired the skills of creating jasmine tea bubbles (indulgence at its glittering, golden best – green tea with a spritz of champagne and a little raspberry accessorising), flora cakes, bloody mary shots and gingerbread pudding. I’ve also been finding myself passing sweet coloured roses on the street and having to control the urge to take a teeny-tiny bite. After all, rose petal sandwiches were quite high fashion in the years leading upto World War II. Historical, quirky and romantic – well I certainly ♥ it.

Check out Angel’s ‘Vintage Tea Party’


Image from Pinterest.